La Salle Kidz Inc. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct- April 2018


All children waiting for care will be placed on our online waitlist through Fastoche.  When spaces become available, the Executive Director or designate will be offering the spaces to families based on the date they were added to the waitlist, the spot available, the child’s DOB, and a variety of other factors.

Priority will be given as follow for the PR247 Site (next to Caisse Community Centre) and the Beaudry Site (next to La Salle School):

  • children of the centre staff members, regardless where they live
  • siblings of children currently enrolled at the centre
  • children that live in La Salle

Priority will be given as follows for the Prairie View Lakes Site (NEW- 100 Nathan Drive):

  • children of the centre staff members, regardless where they live
  • siblings of children already enrolled at the centre
  • children that live in the R.M. of Macdonald

Note: At this time, we will only offer full-time spaces.

Transfers from the infant room to preschool room are not guaranteed, but will be considered before other applications for preschool and shall be initiated when the child meets the proper age requirement, or at the discretion of the Executive Director with approval by the parent/guardian and ELCC.


Our waitlist is confidential, and we will not be sharing where your child is on the waitlist.  It is very difficult to predict what things will look like for us in the coming months, and it is best to wait until you have been officially offered a spot.

Spot offers will be made via email, no more than four weeks prior to the spot opening.  You will have 48 hours to accept or decline the spot.  In order to secure the spot, registration fees must be sent immediately via e-transfer payment.


Registration will be considered completed once the following criteria have been met:

  • The parents/guardians or designate has met with the Executive Director/Assistant Director, and entered relevant information regarding his/her child(ren) into the Fastoche program
  • All consents have been reviewed and a non-refundable registration fee of $100 has been paid.
  • In the case of parents changing their mind on or after the planned start date, two-week notice in writing must be provided to the centre and the registration fee will be used towards fees for the required notice period. Parent will be responsible for paying the remaining parent fees as soon as possible.

Fees and Payment:


Maximum child care fees in all licensed programs are set by Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Program.


$10.00 per infant per full day (over 4hrs)

$15.00 per infant per day (over 10hrs)


$10.00 per child per full day (over 4hrs)

$15.00 per child per day (over 10hrs)

Billing periods consist of 20 days and are based on the provincial facility reporting schedule.  For new children, child care fees are due on the first day of attendance for the applicable days in the billing period. All fees are due in full on the first scheduled day of the billing period.   Fees are to be paid by e-transfer, cheque or money order.  Cash payments will not be accepted.

Should a cheque payment be rejected by your financial institution, you will be notified in writing and your child care fees plus a service charge of $30.00 (NSF charge) will be due immediately.

Child care fees must be paid in full on the first scheduled day of each billing period.  If not paid by then, late fees will be applied as follows:

  • Week 2 past due, Monday 9:00am – $10.00 late fee charge with a letter advising fees must be paid immediately from Executive Director/Board of Directors.
  • Week 3 past due, Monday 9:00am – $10.00 late fee charge with letter advising of referral to a collection agency and child may be withdrawn from program unless payments arrangements are made – from Executive Director/Board of Directors.
  • Week 4 past due (prior to next billing period), Monday 9:00am – your child will be considered withdrawn and account referred to collection agency if balance is over $100.00.

Please note if there is a pattern with late payments, the Executive Director may instruct the staff to refuse care until fees are paid. This will be done discreetly to protect your privacy.


A non-refundable registration fee of $100 is due upon registration.  This fee can be paid by cheque or e-transfer.


We are open Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:30pm.   The centre closes at 5:30PM and the closing staff need to leave on time. Parents, guardians or designates picking up your child are expected to arrive in enough time to speak to staff, gather your child’s belongings, dress your child for the weather, and leave the centre by 5:30PM. Any parent, guardian, or authorized person who is not out of the centre by 5:30PM will be considered late in picking up their child(ren) and late fees will be applied.

If a child is not picked up by 5:30PM, and we have not been notified, the following steps will be taken:

  1. The closing staff will call parents/guardians at the home or work numbers that we have on file.
  2. If we are unsuccessful at contacting the parents/guardians, we will call the emergency contacts that we have on file.
  3. If there is no contact with a parent/guardian or emergency contact person by 6:30PM, we will contact Child and Family Services.
  4. The closing staff/Executive Director will wait with your child until a social worker arrives.

If children have not physically left the Centre by 5:30p.m according to the Centre’s clock, the parent will be billed $2.00 per minute per child in late fees.  If a family has had three late pick-ups, the Board of Directors reserves the right to provide the family with a two-week written notice advising that they no longer have a space at the Centre.  If a fourth offense occurs, the Board of Directors reserves the right to withdraw the child care spot without notice.


$20.00 per child will be charged for the cost of purchasing sunscreen and mosquito repellent for outdoor play each year (or provide your own). The fees will be charged in the first week of May for children enrolled earlier in the year or at the time of registration if enrolling after May.


Parents/Guardians must provide the Centre with two (2) weeks written notice to withdraw their child(ren) from the centre.  If payment received exceeds the two-week period, the Executive Director will first apply payment to any outstanding balance and refund the remainder. If two (2) weeks written notice is not provided, regular fees will be applied.

*Parents provide all lunches/snacks for their child.  There are no additional fees for lunch or snack, unless we are hosting a fundraiser lunch for the children.


Please inform the centre if your child will be absent by 9:30AM. If your child will be away for 10 or more days, please provide written notice to the Executive Director.   When your child is absent, payment is still required for the regular days your child would attend.

In the circumstance where the child has not been in care for 10 days and no contact has been made with the centre by the parent/guardian, it will be assumed that the child no longer requires care and the space will be cancelled. During the two-week period the Executive Director/Supervisor of the program will make every effort to contact the family using the information provided at the time of registration.

Fees will accrue during this time and the two-week notice period will begin once it has been determined that the space has been forfeited.


Fees must be paid for all registered days.  (No fee adjustments are made for statutory holidays, illness/absenteeism or removal from the program for any other reason). Parents of full time children will pay all statutory holidays.




La Salle Kidz Inc. will make every effort to remain open throughout the year, however, in the event of extremely adverse circumstances, including severe storms, adverse road conditions, or other emergency, the Executive Director and Board Chair (or designate) may decide to close the centres to ensure safety of the staff, children, and families. The centre will follow Seine River School division closures for severe storms (not for temperature or windchill below -45C). If the Centre is closed it will be announced on CJOB, Fastoche, the website and/or Facebook page and via email by 6:15am.

In the event that some staff members are unable to make it to the Centre on a storm day but we are able to remain open, children will be accepted at the Centre on a first come, first served basis, and priority will be given to parents who work outside the home.    Parents/Guardians may be asked to keep their child(ren) home (at no charge) or to wait with children at the centre until ratios are met.


If families are applying for subsidy, please ensure that it is done prior to the enrollment date. Applications can be filled out online at  If subsidy has not been approved by the enrollment date, the parents/guardians are responsible for the full fees. If subsidy is approved after the  enrollment date and it is retroactive, the fees paid earlier will be refunded or credited accordingly.

For families receiving subsidy, you must notify the Child Care Subsidy Office immediately upon all changes, especially regarding:

  • Employment termination
  • Child withdrawal from centre
  • Increase/decrease in family income
  • Start of new employment
  • Or as required by Subsidy Office